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Fortnightly Crossover Prompts

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Name:Fortnightly Crossover Prompts
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Community description:Fortnightly Crossover Prompts
Fortnightly Crossover Prompts:
Precisely what it says on the can. Prompts will be posted some time every second Friday (AEST or AEDT), in the form of a word, phrase, or image. If you write (or draw) a crossover response of any kind, you are welcome to post it to the community, or link to it on your journal or other site. Of course, prompts may be used for whatever fannish inspiration you wish outside the community. There is no deadline for any given prompt, so you are welcome to post "late" fills days (or years!) after the next prompt has been posted. We want more crossovers in the world, not less!

Suggested tags:
- Prompt tag, eg. prompt #0001 - scathefire
- Creator tag, eg. creator: cross_mod
- Medium tag(s), eg. medium: drabble (100 words), medium: fic, medium: art, medium: icons
- Word count (if relevant), eg. 100 words, 100-500 words, 500-2000 words, 2000-10000 words, 10000+ words
- Fandom tags, eg. fandom: harry potter, fandom: once upon a time
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